It's Not The End

Tonight is the last of our wonderful group of fellowship until next Fall. Today I finished my last bit of homework until next Fall.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and my last full day with my roommate before she heads off to Washington D.C. for a swanky internship. 

I am reminded of an old-school Matthew West song my family still sings. "The End," from his cd "Happy."

"It's not the end, the end of the world, it's just another day, depending on grace..."


My mom will often sing "it's not the end" at me, like he does at the end of the song.

I read the last of Revelation today to finish off my final Biblical Literature class at Taylor. It's not the end, but I know how it ends.

There might be little ends, semesters and stories and seasons.

And, even blog entries have ends.

The end.