The White Sox

I'm in Chicago within walking distance of Sox park.  It's warm this evening and I am sitting in a familiar kitchen listening to the sound of fans and the gentle hum of the city outside. 

Tonight, my friend Lisa and I went to dinner at O'Malley's, a little hot dog stand in the city. Lisa knows the owners, like she knows everyone in her neighborhood. We sat outside under umbrellas and ate french fries dipped in ketchup and I consumed a hot dog with pickles, tomato, onions and mustard. 

It is summer.

I left Taylor today, making the final stops on campus and hugging my senior friends multiple times. We prayed and we promised to keep in touch. Even though they are leaving, I am the one who is leaving first. I like it better that way, I think. 

Last week at church, I had the chance to pray for my pastor and his wife. Originally, I went to the front of the church to ask for prayer. I'm excited about this summer, but I'm not sure what God is going to do. Welcome to life, right? Little did she know. 

Anyway, I felt the Lord leading me to pray for Darren and Nancy instead. It blessed my heart to be able to do that. God has given me such love and respect for this couple. After I was finished, Darren asked if he could pray for me. Essentially, he prayed the prayer which I desired when I came to the front, and I got to pray for him as well. Isn't God cool? 

After we prayed, Darren commissioned me for the summer. I felt as though I was being sent out. And, indeed, I am. 

As I sit here on this sultry evening drinking Chicago water (so nice to have good tasting tap water again) and not being sad that I'm here in this place where so many memories of my ex and I survive. Not worried about the fact that I once dated a Sox fan, and that I can hear the fireworks from this house. 

I'm on my way back home. But even in this's all right.