Maintain Consciousness

Relient K has a song by this name. This song is about ADD and the short attention span of my generation. This post has nothing to do with this song. But it has something to do with consciousness and Relient K. If you had asked me, while still at school, or in the recent past, what I was doing this summer, I would have told you that I didn't know, but that I was planning to go to a Relient K concert with my brother and other than that, I wasn't really sure.

As an English person, I am appalled at my use of commas in that previous sentence.

So, the day of the concert came, the only planned this I have this whole summer. This was Tuesday, and I felt under the weather. 

Just a little touch of nausea, but enough to make my Mom's fun day off not so fun (she had taken the day off to spend a little time with me, among other things, and instead watched me lie on the couch). I didn't eat much or anything, just sort of existed.

But nothing. Nothing. Was going to stop me from going to this concert.

So, I got in the car at the right time with my brother. We went to the concert house and were confronted with humanity at it's finest. 

Mosh pit.

I would like to go on record: I am done with mosh pits. They are awful and I have always thought so. This one was particularly intense, however. 

So fast forward: I've been standing in an oppressive atmosphere fighting to stay standing and trying to enjoy the concert (success!) for about six hours. I haven't eaten much, I have sweated out all of my bodily fluids in the last six hours. It is the last song. 

I tried to focus on Matt Thiessen, my former boyfriend, as he played the final strains of the song. But, I passed out. 

Yes, completely missed the end of the concert. 

What is it with girls? Anne of Green Gables or someone has told me that fainting is dramatic and fun. Not really at all. However, I recovered quickly (my brother didn't even notice) and ended up pulling myself together and getting to chat with the band while getting autographs and drinking in fresh air. 

I must say, I don't think that Matt and I would function well as a real couple. His favorite band really is Tears for Fears, but I did find out that all of Relient K are very chill, down to earth guys who are, in the words of my brother "over themselves." In the midst of all of their crazy (and not always so nice) fans, they were very sweet. It really impacted me. 

So now I have this cool story: "So this one time, I passed out during the last song at a Relient K concert."

I've been listening to my body a little over the last few days and taking it easy. I know that I take for granted the ability to remain alert, but sometimes I guess I can't even maintain consciousness.

Wait, who's in control again?