New Community

Today I went back to a church I never wanted to return to. It was really good and I think that I'm going to start attending. 

You know that verse I've been talking about "Do not call to mind the former things or ponder the things of the past..." I think that I was looking at it a little narrowly. 

Once more, I have something that resembles...hope. 

This week: trying out small groups and seeing what happens.

Pray guys.

Last night, I got the chance to catch up with a good friend from Florida. Even though we haven't been friends all that long, we have a lot of shared connections and experiences. Talking to her last night was like having part of me back. I don't have to explain certain things to her about who I am and about what has gone on. 

She was there.

In the sermon today, which really challenged me, the pastor talked about how God is with us. He's always saying that because we always forget. This was only one thing that stuck with me from today, but it is something that I've been forgetting lately. 

Why do I forget that God is big and that He moves and connects people and fulfills our desires and shows up?

This is why we need people, I realized today as I sat and listened to the testimonies of God's faithfulness around the room, we need to remind each other that God is all He is.

Looks like I'm back at an old place...but I think that God is doing something NEW.