Bitter Sweet

It's strange to think that summer is more than halfway over. Certainly, there are still things to do and accomplish. In fact, I feel more productive now than I have in a while. I've been tapping into some parts of myself that I wasn't even aware of. To be honest, it's going to make it that much harder to go back to school. Nine more months. 

This summer began something consciously for me that really began when I was born: I've had to live from moment to moment, never knowing what was next for sure. Although I have a basic idea of what the days will bring, I really don't know how it will all play out. As soon as school is over, so are my plans. The Lord will have to take me from there, as always. 

It's going to be good to be finished, to have accomplished something so long in the making as a college degree. I've spent most of my life working toward this year. It's going to be odd, though, not to be a student anymore.

Lately, I've been cooking a lot and doing quite a few dishes. The things I've been accomplishing are things which fade quickly. They are consumed or messed up again in a heartbeat. There is something bittersweet about the fleetingness of the present, and so many of the things we hold dear. 

Many little girls spend their lives thinking about their wedding. They plan it in their mind over and over. One day, they get married, and then they have nothing more to anticipate. The wedding is in the past, and it probably wasn't anything like what they thought. 

Though it has it's bitter moments, there is something very sweet about the here and now.