Musical Happiness

Yesterday I had the pleasure of downloading Owl City's new song "Fireflies" on itunes as the free single of the week. I downloaded the new album moments later and haven't been able to keep a smile off my face since.

Here is the link to download the song, do it now and then finish reading:

I first met Owl City (which is comprised of only one member, a young man named Adam Young, who seems like a Mac person) when they were here in Spokane with Relient K this June. You all may remember that incident. Anyway, I've always been of the mind that concerts are not the place to hear and discover new music. It's almost never as good as the album and the point is for crazy fans to be able to scream out the lyrics that they know and support the artists they love. However, in the midst of this mosh pit, the worst in my life, I found myself being completely delighted by the lovely melodies of Owl City. Later, researching further, I found the lyrics to be clever and creative.

I was hooked.

Those of you who know me know that I am a great fan of the lovely, the cute and the art (and people) disregarded on these grounds. Adam Young has proven again that something can be totally aesthetically pleasing, and yet also meaningful on a deep level. His music allows for a wide range of opportunities to connect.

My friend Sarah Froggatt (whose painting appears in my banner) and I have talked about this issue a lot. Both of us (through writing or visual arts) create things which are cute and under appreciated. Many people do not see the thought and energy which we put into our work. I've read many reviews for Owl City's music in the last few days and have found that many people say that this music makes them happy. It does me too, but it also challenges me and causes me to think and fills me both with longing and deep contentment.

That, my friends, is art.

So thank you to Adam for the delight and thoughts you have generated in me.

Everybody else, go download the song, and then the cd. You will not be disappointed.