I don't write movie endorsements. Usually.

However, in this case, I must make an exception. Hopefully, you'll understand. Please keep in mind that I'll do my best not to give anything away here, but just in case, the purist should simply go, purchase a ticket for IMAX 3D and read this post after the experience.

Also, if you don't like this movie: tough. That's the way it goes with art. You can't please everyone.

I call this movie an experience because that's what it is. Just a few short moments from the theater, I've re-entered real life. But it's not real life, really. Avatar may have a political agenda, but I've learned a few things in my literature classes about critical theory. One of the things I've learned is that meaning is made by the consumer. This is called Reader (or in this case "Viewer") Response. My worldview followed me into this movie and instead of making me espouse the values of the minds behind the movie, I found myself longing for home.

I got it.

I got why our hero wanted to leave behind everything he'd known and become part of a place filled with vibrant color, with meaning and love. With connection that went beyond anything that a human can experience.

I want that too.

When I have a chance to leave my earthly shell of a body and enter my real life, I'll be just as ready as he was. More.

It's just a movie, and it doesn't depict the perfection that I long for, but its got me thinking about things differently, thinking deeply. I'm tapping into deep longings. Not the earthly kind, but ones that go beyond that. Far beyond.

On a less serious note. I really want one of those flying things that you get as a proven warrior. I want to have a bond with something so strong that I can think the same thoughts, that I can put my thoughts in it's head. Kind of like God does with me. But He never breaks that bond, or trades up for the more powerful, red and yellow model.

I guess this isn't much of a movie review. Mostly, all I can say is that this movie profoundly affected me. Part of that was because I really felt like I was entering into another world (nice job people!) using 3D glasses and a giant screen. The time passed effortlessly, as though I was in a link with this other place, my own self just waiting, tensing up at all the right moments. Occasionally audibly urging the characters to do the right thing, hoping against hope for salvation. Soon.

Those of you who know me, know that I'm not about hype. I dislike fads and boxes. I loved this movie. Part of that has to do with what I bring to it, part of it is innate. Part of it is the 3D. If you see one movie this season, I'd go see Avatar. Don't skip the 3D and be prepared for connections...on many levels. It might even make you want something that no one can prove exists...