The new year is here and we're finally in double digits! Last night, I went to my first ever grown up new years's eve party. We sat at a table and talked and watched the snow come down. I got to wear high-heeled boots. It was swell.

I'm getting ready to say goodbye to home for a little while. Too early on the 3rd I will be winging my way back to Indiana to finish what I have begun. There are only 140 days remaining.

Graduation is beginning to feel like a reality. I've received several requests to order my academic regalia, and I'm in possession of my very own bombshell graduation dress.

8 classes lie between here and there.

I'm not waving too hard at the retreating form of 2009. It was a challenging year, filled with new experiences and difficulty. I'm glad it happened, in retrospect, but I wouldn't wish those experiences back.

I have no idea what 2010 will hold. This in itself a scary thing. The unknown is exciting and horrifying. Sort of like a roller coaster...I'm along for the ride and screaming my head off.

I'd come up with a list of goals for this year or resolve to do things, but in some ways, I know that it won't matter. Like I'm constantly doing, I'm sure I'll stand in this same place on new year's day 2011 and say: "Little did I know." I had no idea what last year would bring, thankfully, and I have no idea what this one will bring either.

I'm going to swim in that uncertainty, "embrace the I don't know," as my Indiana pastor would say, and try to hold on. I hope you'll join me for the journey.

Happy New Year!