So, this month I am taking a class called Capstone. In this class, I am supposedly summing up all of the knowledge acquired throughout my years in college. 21 English majors sit in a circle and talk (in circles). We have started at the beginning (with Plato) and are slowly working out way into a century we know and a language we understand.

Perhaps I am not learning what our department chair (who is leading the course) would hope. However, I have learned several things:

1. That I am able to get up and be somewhere, even functioning, by 8am

2. Dante taught me a new word to use which describes my writing polysemous (having more than one sense). He uses it to describe his Divine Comedy, showing that it operates on a lot of levels, as I hope my work does.

3. There are 3 kinds of English majors: English Ed. who use buzzwords and repeat themselves for emphasis, English Lit. majors who constantly refer to things they have read and draw parallels all over the place in literature, and, of course, English writing majors who are always talking about process and creativity. Usually, we begin sentences with phrases like: "Well, in my own writing..."

There are only 12 more class days of J-term, and our senior projects will be as good as we're going to get them.

I'm looking forward to being done, but, as you can see, still learning!