It's going to be hard to bid farewell to this break. I'm spending time in the Chicago area with a girl on my wing and her family. They have just welcomed me right in, and I'm extremely grateful. Having been in Indiana, far away from home, for a long time, I've gotten used to feeling alone and uncomfortable. However, this weekend, I've enjoyed wonderful hospitality. The Lord has certainly stretched me during my time at Taylor.

This is my last break where I won't be at home.

In 52 days, I'll be home, in the midst of my last college break forever.

In 111 days, I'll be home for good. At least, that's the plan. I've learned that I'm a real vapor, as James would say. God knows a whole lot more than I do about the future.

I'm homesick tonight, perhaps because I feel at home. It doesn't seem that I will ever finish with school and finally head home to live in my house and sleep in my own bed. But I have to trust that it will come.

For now, I'm enjoying the way the sun has been warming our heads, even though we have our fair share of snow on the ground. I'm appreciating little things, like ice cream and lip gloss and cute fuzzy dogs. Croutons made from scratch (I didn't even know you could make croutons from scratch).

On Monday, my last semester ever (as it says in my calendar) begins.


I wasn't sure I'd really get here. Thanks for all of the support, please keep it up!