Last Firsts

I had my last first day of school on Monday. It seemed important, and it went quickly. I wore my red shoes.

As usual, my teachers did their best to scare students with the requirements of the classes. They present the syllabi and hope that we don't drop the class when we see all the work we need to accomplish. The semester is both long and short. It is long in that there is plenty of time to put one foot in front of another. It is short in that it will go by quickly (or so they tell me).

Already, this week is mostly spent. So am I. Different things are expected of me this semester. I'm using a lot of the arsenal of preparation I have acquired in college. I am bringing myself, my best, to the table. It was reassuring to remember today that even if I get all C's, I would still graduate with honors.

Being a goody-two-shoes sometimes pays off.

My last first day is behind me and I am closer than ever to my last last day.

This week, I had a chance to connect with a fellow senior I met for the first time in English Capstone over J-term. Recently (as in last week) her boyfriend broke off their relationship, leaving her emotionally vulnerable. Last year, around this time, I went through something similar. I was able to share this girl's emotion, and speak to her on a deeper level. Things like this remind me of what "intentional community" is really about. While the scheduled events and such offer important avenues for us to come together as a campus, this is where we find unity and relationship, in the minute workings of our daily lives, which we share with one another.

Some of the things I prayed for, in my decision to be a senior living in the dorms was the ability to be a big sister, to be an encourager and to bring unity. I hadn't thought much about this lately, and, in fact, I was a little discouraged about my role on the wing. It felt like I wasn't really needed.

This week, I'm being reminded of all of the random connections I have on the wing that no one else has. I'm not friends with everyone, but I'm pretty eclectic in my friends. I am the common denominator for a lot of people, all different people. That sounds a lot like unity. Getting to hang out with some freshmen, who impress me all the time, has taught me that I'm not the only one doing the encouraging. I get to encourage, and I get to receive encouragement too. As to being a big sister, at least a few of the girls have let me in a little, to share their struggles.

It's worth it, this last semester. I am constantly reminded that there is a crucialness to this one. If there wasn't there would be no reason for me to be here. I am here. It is important to be here. Yes, it is something to be got through, but it is also something to discover, engage with and enjoy. Just like every part of my life should be.