Knowing Everything (Or Not)

Today I fell off the elliptical. One moment, I was up and rocking out to Rihanna, the next: I was on my derriere. I didn't even know you could fall off this piece of equipment. Pride goes before a fall.

It's been snowy here and the gym has recommended bringing a pair of extra shoes to change into. I chose to ignore this thought. Oops.

Hopefully it entertained some people, but I can already feel the bruise forming.

Oddly, I have found this to be a wonderful conversation starter.

Today marks 100 days until graduation. I chose to celebrate this event by hosting a party this evening. It was a fairly quiet affair among friends. We played Apples to Apples and Bananagrams (oddly, both fruit related) and occasionally talked about the future and how crazy it was that we were getting ready to leave the realms of higher education.

99 tomorrow, the end is coming fast.

I'm afraid that even as a college graduate, I'm not going to know everything. I still need to remember to read (and obey) signs and wipe my feet at the door. There will still be lots of things to learn and get the hang of.

Even lessons I've learned over and over keep coming back to haunt me. The same lesson I need to learn in how I'm handling the end of college (looking forward and living in the moment) and working out on the elliptical: balance.