Harry Potter

Last night, (or rather this morning) at 1:30, I closed the seventh Harry Potter book for the last time. Harry and I began our journey together early in Lent, after a friend suggested that they might provide a good distraction from homework. No kidding.

Harry and I have gotten on well together, and when I say Harry and I, I mean Harry and Hermione and Ron and Ginny and Luna and Neville and Dumbledore and Fleur and Tonks and Lupin and Sirius and Molly...(well you get the picture) and I. I miss them.

I know that endings must come, but I've become attached to these people. Even, against all odds, to Professor Snape. It took a lot for me to just say that.

Today has been difficult. I want to go back to Hogwarts and the world where Harry and everyone live. I have lived there too, off and on, throughout the last few weeks.

A good friend told me that these feelings would come. He suggested that I think about an exit strategy (I didn't until now) "and," he added, "watching all of the movies compulsively is not it."


There are benefits to having finished. I can now call myself a real, live fan of Harry Potter. I get all the jokes and make my own. I know what happens.

I mentioned my situation to my academic advisor today (she's a good friend). She suggested that I write a letter to the characters to let them know how I feel. I'm not going to post it here if I do. But, just perhaps, a blog post will suffice.

So, to Harry, Hermione, Ron and everyone else...I miss you. Hope all is well.