Procrastinating (and other hobbies of mine)

I have hit a wall. I'm going to blame it all on Harry Potter and say that the reason that I don't feel like doing anything is because he left me all alone here in the US.

Or, I guess it could be because I'm a senior with 3 weeks and finals to go.


It seems like yesterday that I was scared to death to start college, afraid, as a little 18-year-old, that I wouldn't be able to swing real school (since I'd never been) and that I would be a huge failure, basically, at life.

I was also dramatic.

Not much has changed has it?

But it's not yesterday. It's 3 and a half years ago now. So much has changed and stayed the same. So much has become clear and stayed hazy.

Such is life.

I'm sitting here and attempting to pore over philosophy reading. Three more weeks.

1 speech, 2 papers, 1 annotated bibliography, 1 poetry portfolio/public reading, 1 cumulative final, 1 test, 1 essay test, 1 quiz...freedom.

I'm holding on and letting go. Working hard and procrastinating. Living and learning and hoping and dreaming and being here.

I'll keep you posted...if you'll excuse me...I've got to get back to procrastinating.