Wine, Working and Waking Up

It's been far too long since I've written. Unexpectedly, I got my dream job, right in the middle of my cold, the week after I came home. I was hoping that my husky voice wouldn't impede my interview, or make them think that I couldn't answer the phone well.

I'm working at a local winery. My job takes me up on a cliff, overlooking a lovely valley. I am surrounded by beauty during my day. Beauty and wine.

There are not many Taylor students who go into the wine business.

All the sudden, my world is not what I thought it would be. I'm enjoying a day off today, but usually, I'm working 9-5, massaging my feet in the evening and going to bed by 10. My, things have changed since college.

In addition, many of my relationships are changing, not only those who are far away, those whom I have left, but those to whom I have come back.

All is not the same as it was when I left. A good friend has moved a few hours away to pursue a Master's degree, another good friend has just finished one. I'm going to a wedding during the first weekend in July and celebrating a birth to good friends (which happened two days ago!) Still others have moved away.

It is difficult to keep up with all of these changes. I'm not big on change, though I talk about how beautiful and cleansing it is. Right now, I pick up the pieces each morning and give them to God. He is the one who is supposed to hold all things together anyway.

So, I wake up (these days at 6:45) and remember who I am, Who I serve, who loves me. I go to work and I try to live each moment. I wait and wonder and wait some more (and alliterate, apparently)

Such is life. I'll be in touch.