Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the Envelope


I spent this weekend in Walla Walla with a good friend. I think that it is her goal in life to challenge me to do things that I might not do otherwise. Her mom calls us the country mouse and the town mouse, and that was proved again by my experience four-wheeling. Let's just say I understand isometrics a lot better now.

We ran into some pot heads, and through puddles, where we were spattered with mud. Apparently,  this was a normal part of a trip of this sort.

As I lost track of time, and prayed occasionally  about my safety, I realized that this is a perfect  example of what my friend and I need about  each other. I am the planner, the organized one,  I mapquest things, have a schedule and ask for  the gameplan for the next day before I go to  sleep. She is carefree, "don't worry about it,  Cara" "it'll happen when it happens."

Somehow it all works out.

By the end of a weekend with her, I am letting my hair down and being completely random.

I took her wine tasting, just one place (she's not a wine drinker) and got to share a little of my world with her. As we stood in the cool cellar and tasted Cabernet Sauvignon that won't be released for two years, she smiled and whispered that she actually liked it.

I don't really like most Cabs and I liked it.

I think that both of us broadened our horizons a little.