Tonight I stopped at the park on my way home. I like to swing, to process life, enjoy the outdoors and people watch. I was settling in to do just that, swinging high above the earth, when I heard a small voice below me, "Would you help me on the swing?" A little boy stood below me. I slowed my swing and placed him on the swing.

"Can you give me a push?"

I did.

I went back and noticed a little girl on the other side of me, who was struggling to get onto the big girl swing. "Do you need help?"


I helped her onto the swing. "Do you want a starter push?"

She nodded.

I gave her a push or two. "Now run!" she said loudly. I, being short, just managed to both push and run in the classic "underdog." I ended up pushing her until she got tired of swinging, wondering where on earth the parents of these children were.

What a lovely way to spend a summer night. Such fun.

Sometimes you get pulled into community.