Change and Stuff

There is a lot of new in my life right now, mixed with a lot of old. I'm building new relationships, rekindling ones from my past, and keeping up with those I've been up with all along. I'm doing it all in an old place, my hometown (pretty much). I'm revisiting my church, committing to it once again, seeing who is still there, and who has come since I've been gone. I'm reentering my small group, finding myself welcomed almost as if I'd never left. So much has stayed the same, so much has changed, new is mingling with the old.

It's amazing how much changes, how much stays the same and how little we notice most of the time.

I've been learning a lot about trust lately. I have plans and opinions about my life and it is hard for me to give them over to God and allow Him to do what He wants with my life. I get impatient when things aren't going the way I want to, or, when they are going well, I get impatient that they aren't going quickly enough. I am difficult to please. So today, my prayer, as it should be everyday is: change what needs changing and give me the grace to deal with it.

Not my will. Yours.