my fall

"air immortal with the fragrance of begin." - e.e. cummings. There's been a lot going on in my life lately, so much that I haven't known what to say, what to blog. I do this sometimes, a self-imposed blackout of communication with the outside world. But I am speaking again.

It seems strange, if you think about it, to be starting something new in the fall, just as all of the leaves are dying and the outside world is getting ready to wrap itself in winter. But school starts in the fall, and maybe I'm just hardwired that way, if not forever, at least for now.

After a lovely summer, postgrad, I have quit my job and started my own social media consulting business which is geared toward small businesses who otherwise would not be able to afford marketing, let alone a professional. How odd that my hometown, once an albatross around my neck, is now a treasure I wear with a silver chain. I've fallen in love with this place that I call home, with the small quirky businesses that make it up, and I want to help them succeed.

I left the winery on good terms, crying, as I so often do during a transition, my idea or not, as I walked through my last couple of days. I've always said that no matter how long I work there, I will always be able to deftly throw it into conversation: "so, when I worked at the winery" or "I poured wine for a living for a while" and achieve the instant cool factor (or look of approbation) those comments always procure. That season is done, but not forgotten or wasted.

My last post was about publication, and, ironically, my journey into the wine business (written by me) was published by Wine Press Northwest (a regional publication) shortly before I left my job. You can read it here, if you like. I will always find it a bit funny that my first publication is nothing that my illustrious college would ever put on it's front page. Sort of fitting, in a way.

Things are starting, ending and everywhere in between. I'm scared and exhilarated and everywhere in between. People are telling me that I'm crazy, good luck and that they are proud of me (and everything in between).

I'm holding on and trying to trust God, and excited to share the journey with all of you. Thanks for reading.