On Finding Rhythm and Learning to Fly

On Finding Rhythm and Learning to Fly

little bird llc

Little Bird LLC is one week into the world and is learning to fly. Well, more truthfully, I am learning how to fly. Not since I was little have I done anything resembling cold calling. In fact, I remember the last time very well. I was selling bean soup mixes door to door in my neighborhood for some sort of fundraiser. Never in a million years did I think that I was preparing for my future as a business owner. Never in a million years. I'm making appointments and getting better at making a pitch in a short amount of time. I think that part of the reason I'm good at this is simply because I've been preparing to do the same for a book that I will (God willing) one day publish. It's amazing how things go together, bounce off one another and keep coming back to the same core. God knows what He is doing with me. Every day reminds me of that, more and more.

I'd love support and prayer in this time of uncertainty. More than anything, this time is about patience and waiting. I'm working hard and trusting God that He has put me here for a reason, that this is His idea.

Sometimes it is hard to remember the truth when you're not getting a paycheck.

Our church is going through the book of James, and yesterday the message was particularly potent: ask God about what He wants for your life. I have asked God, I am being obedient to Him, now it's His turn. Whatever this looks like, I know it will be right.