101 Secrets For Your Twenties {a review}

101 secrets for your twenties review I almost never volunteer the fact that I'm in my twenties. I can pass for early to mid thirties effortlessly, and I don't often correct people who make this assumption.

Still, I'm part of this decade, this generation. For better or worse, we're in this together.

I think often about 1 Timothy 4:12:

"Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe."

I've worked to hide my youthfulness, but maybe there are other ways to show an example. In a world where many are concerned about young people leaving the church, making poor decisions, and wearing leggings as pants, there are those of us who are interested in something more, trying to embrace whatever it is that God has for us.

In spite of this, it was difficult for me to decide to read this book. I must confess that I am deeply prejudiced about books. I don't like books with hot pink covers, titles that promise me anything, books with a spot on any bestseller list within the last two years, or numbers in the title.

I have learned that these prejudices, like most other ones, keep me from enjoying fuller life.

I started reading this book on a trip and couldn't put it down. It was as if Paul Angone had taken a few pages from my life. There is something about sharing cultural history, something about knowing what it feels like to look for a job in the midst of a recession.

But there was more to it. As I read, I couldn't help thinking that this book, with it's "secrets" is not just for twenty-somethings. This book is for people. Though there are many things that speak especially to those of this age, I think that there is also much that transcends these barriers.

I didn't connect with everything on a personal level, but I know people in most of the situations Paul described. You probably do too. I found, within these pages, a great deal of empathy for those laboring in this life along with me.

So if you're put off by the title of this book like I was, whether you're in the age group or not, read it anyway. I think you'll find something to squirrel away and look at later.

Here are a few of my favorite "secrets"

1. Sometimes surviving your 20s is nothing more glamorous than just holding on for dear life on the back of an inner tube like a kid being whipped around by a speedboat.

6. Life will never feel like it's supposed to.

27. Don't ever begin dating someone you met whilst in swimsuits.

57. Don't be smothered in Twentysomething. We need to sweeten our lives with some Generational Potpourri--a collection of age ranges with different backgrounds and experiences to spice our lives up.

66. Possibly everything we needed to learn about being successful as adults we learned from playing Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

68. Frustration can be the best guide to leading you where you need to go.

76. No one knows what they're doing.

82. Finding your passion is un-sexy.

My friends at FaithVillage gave me a copy of this book in exchange for a review.