The Long Weekend {at Accidental Devotional}

The Long Weekend {at Accidental Devotional}

The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend I wasn't very good at talking about singleness with grace, when I first started. I had a lot of opinions and hurt feelings, and I wasn't communicating very well. But I've been practicing.

Abby Norman, of Accidental Devotional, and I had a conversation, recently, about singleness. Abby is married, and she was genuinely interested in my story. In a burst of bravery, I asked if I could write a piece for her blog, about what's it's like for me to be single. She agreed.

This piece was harder to write than I expected (after all, I write about singleness weekly). At the end of the day, I just wrote my story to Abby, my married friend who wants to know what goes on in my life.

I was honest with her, and today I'm sharing that with you as well.

I'd be honored if you'd join me at Abby's for this one. It was wrung out of me painfully and I care about it very much.

It's called: The Long Weekend.

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