Where's Cara? (Volume One)

Where's Cara? (Volume One)

This past week, I got a lovely email from a reader (I am always delighted to receive these). In it, he gently reminded me that I haven't updated this blog in a while.

It isn't that I haven't been writing, of course. As many of you know, I've made the jump to freelance writing full time. If anything, I'm writing more than ever.

I have the great gift of being able to write things that matter to me, much of the time. They are the same sorts of things that I used to write so often on this blog. That reader email reminded me that I needed a forum to share these things with you. I think you'll enjoy them,

So every week (give or take), I'm planning to publish a Where's Cara? with the places you can find me online.

I'm also trying to keep the Published Work section of my website up to date, you can check there if you're ever curious about everything I'm up to.

I'm hoping to continue with my A to Z series, but I'm realizing that there are seasons for everything. This season is very full, and I'm trying to open my hands wide to receive it all.

I hope you enjoy these places I'm popping up on the Internet this last week (and just a little before). Let me know what you think of Where's Cara? Or of any of the pieces, in the comments!


What Should I Read Next

I'm completely tickled to be on Anne Bogel's lovely podcast, What Should I Read Next (which you should totally subscribe to, for every Tuesday listening.

Anne and I talked about books, food, and got sort of philosophical about what I like to read. If you've ever wanted to hear what my voice sounds like (or you've experienced my real life inability to get through a conversation without talking about books). This is for you.

Interview with Addie Zierman at Off the Page

If you'd like to hear more of my voice (and Addie Zierman's!) You can check out the interview I did with her to celebrate the release of her lovely new book (which you should definitely buy). You can also read the transcript if you can't listen, or would rather. 

This is the second in an ongoing monthly series of author interviews with Off the Page. Stay tuned for next month's edition! (And check out my two part interview with Sarah Bessey if you missed it. Read it here and here.)

How To Be Single?

A few weeks ago, I saw the movie How To Be Single. I had thoughts. Then I read the book. I had more thoughts. You can now read these thoughts. 

Bring Your Own Hospitality

I wrote a little bit about hospitality from someone who doesn't have a house of her own. Here's a taste:

"It can also be hard to have a party when you’re staring at a shelf of books on entertaining and decorating, things you thought you’d be putting into use in your own home, the setting for a life you’d begun to build with someone else."

Registering For Love and Money

This essay is an example of a piece that went a really different way than I expected it to. It's about registries. It's become one of my favorite pieces. Single or married, I think you'll enjoy it. 

"Registries were created to enhance the bottom line of a department store, to ensure that everything a couple would need to begin their married life would be purchased from one place. Registries are about money, not love. Much may be gained by having a kitchen that matches, or the convenience of pre-selection, but sometimes I wonder about what is lost."


I hope you've enjoyed the inaugural edition of Where's Cara? Let me know your thoughts!