Matt and Me

You will all be happy to hear that I have reconciled with my ex (Matt Thiessen). He has decided that "I'm a little more than useless" and has assured me that he was just "waiting for [me] to be the one [he]'s waiting for." Although he still doesn't understand "the complex infrastructure known as the female mind" he does know that "[he] owes it all to [his] girl's ex-boyfriend."

He is "the best thing" even though he is "in love with the 80's." Thankfully, prom is in the past. So now, we sit around and read "Nancy Drew" to one another and say "you'll always be my best friend." Even though I thought I should just "curl up and die" and was wondering "where do I go from here?" (I even considered "faking my own suicide") Matt came along once again and gave me a "wake up call" he said please "maintain consciousness" you're "over thinking." He put an arm around my shoulder and said don't worry I also struggle with "forward motion" it's my "trademark" but it's kind of like that time on our first date ("balloon ride") when you were "falling out" and I said "everything will be" all right 'cause "I'm taking you with me." 

At this point, I said. hey. "come right out and say it."

He said. "when you're around" everything is "softer to me" "there was another time in my life" but I want to "bite my tongue" when I think of all the "gibberish" I said to you. (I reminded him of the "anatomy of the tongue and cheek"). 

Then, we tried to decide "which to bury, us or the hatchet" and he asked me to the "sadie hawkins dance" will you be "my girlfriend" again? his eyes were right out of "17 magazine" so I said yes.

We decided to head for "Anchorage"  and got stuck in Ohio instead (at least there was a "high of 75")"aren't you glad that the lining is silver?" he asked, getting down on one knee and offering me a mood ring.

"At least we made it this far!" I said, (and yes, of course).

Now, "I just want you to know" that we are very happy. In fact, "crayons can melt on us for all I care"

"May the horse be with you..."