I was thinking this summer that I might not have many firsts left.  My thought was that once you've been in a relationship, a lot of those firsts are gone (with notable exceptions :))

I voiced this thought to a friend the other night. 

"I think it takes a lifetime to get through all the firsts," he said.

This summer, I have realized the truth in that statement. First things are all mixed up with the mundane and the things you've done a millions time before. Some firsts are things that you didn't anticipate. Sometimes, I think that these are the most fun. 

You (and I) can get hung up on the firsts that have a lot of significance in our culture. There is more than first dates, first kisses and first drinks. Not, of course, that these aren't wonderful. But what about first times meeting communists, first times fainting in public or first times cooking appetizers? 

Yes, you guessed it, these all (and many more) happened to me this summer. 

My friend, I think, is right. There are too many firsts to fit into one relationship. They are not all romantic, not all related to physical contact, many of them are not what we expect. 


That's why we call them 'firsts.'

There is nothing more unknown.