Being Ready

I've often been convinced that I was ready for something.  Sometimes it was true. 

A lot of times, I prepared as well as I could and then dove in. It was like that in ballet. At auditions, you practice, you stretch and warm up. I remember rolling my feet through into point and down again over and over. Then, I would enter the room, shaking like a leaf and hoping it wasn't obvious and do my best. 

Sometimes I got in, sometimes I didn't. 

I haven't been ready to go back to school. When summer began, I was eager to get home and see what this summer would hold. Turns out, it has held a lot. I went into last summer with expectations that were not realized but this summer, I didn't have expectations. I was surprised. This summer gave me a lot and I didn't want all of it. 

It's been an amazing summer. One week to go. I'm living here in the now, but I'm ready to go back and finish this year. My college education is flashing before my eyes, I've got emails from work at school and my advisor in my inbox. It's all starting again. But not quite yet. 

It's rare that all feels right in the world and it has nothing really to do with your circumstances. My life is nothing to complain about, but right now, it's not terribly exciting. But right now, in this moment, there is nowhere else that I would rather be. 

Ready, set, go.